Case Studies

Many of our clients have enjoyed significant savings in energy, and lowering their carbon footprint. Below is just a small selection of the leading edge projects we have undertaken.

1. Case Study – Crowne Plaza Hotel

A LOBBY ENLIGHTENED                    Crowne Plaza Melbourne

How the Crowne Plaza Melbourne lobby was transformed through a solid state lighting retrofit.

The Background

The Crowne Plaza Melbourne has two main parts to its lobby; a relatively low-ceiling area flanked by the main entrance, the reception desk, the concierge desk and a lounge; and a secondary area linking the ground floor with upper and lower levels by way of stairs and adjacent escalators. This forms a major junction between the entrance and the guest rooms, restaurants, cafes and other hotel amenities.

It is this area that was fitted with about 150 MR16 halogen down lights rated at 50 Watts of power and various beam angles. These lights were long earmarked for replacement with a suitable drop-in technology that would serve to improve the quality of light, increase the longevity of luminaires and reduce the total system energy consumption.

The Solution
All the existing lamps were replaced over a period of two days with OGL S16-W09-series lamps, following a process that was near-identical to the periodic replacement of halogen lamps for new halogen lamps. The retrofit program required the replacement of drivers also, which were mostly connected to the mains supply by way of “plug-and-socket”, allowing for fast and easy exchange. The client elected to replace fittings also as existing fittings were of several dissimilar designs and were ageing, which reduced their aesthetic qualities.

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OGL LED lighting_Case study_Crowne Plaza Melbourne


2. Case Study – Interfaceflor factory- Picton, NSW – Innovative warehouse lighting

Interfaceflor is the worldwide leader in design, production and sales of environmentally responsible modular carpet for the commercial, institutional and residential markets.

In 2010 OGL was approached by Interface Australia to provide a solution that not only provided general illumination but also had to provide lighting to individual shelving in an area in their carpet warehouse at Picton NSW, Australia. The project also had to provide cost savings in energy, maintenance servicing and improved facility efficiencies over the 400W Metal Halides that were in place.

All of this at a height of 7 to 9m!

Interfaceflor factory Picton NSW

The situation prior to the retrofit was unacceptable from a cost, maintenance – labour and environmental perspective. Other technologies were reviewed such as CFL, revised metal halides or sodium luminaires but none were able to meet our specific demands.” – David Ferlazzo, Engineer, Interface Australia

OGL determined that no single lamp or old style traditional lighting systems would meet the client’s requirements and subsequently designed a unique lighting system that not only met the brief but actually exceeded it!

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OGL LED lighitng_Case Study_Interfaceflor factory – Picton, NSW